It is a very interesting shooting game there you need to shoot all the enemies which are trying to destroy the tower.

Planes in general cant hit you, but they are transporting solders and bombs.

Solders can be hitted only while landing, and if it lands you have some seconds till the attack.

A bomb is launched by any plane and is flying directly to the tower, so you need to destroy it as fast as possible.

While playing the number of solders is increasing, so you need to shoot them faster and faster.


The game has two difficulties of the game : day mode and night mode.


In default simple aiming mode you need just to click on an enemy or in it's direction.

But you can activate Expert mode which is using orientation of the phone to aim the gun.
Have fun!!! Play!!!
In future game will be updated with more and more interesting features.
Hope you like this game.


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